We made it to the end of the week! Today, I’m talking about the now-extended Shelter In Place rules, why I’m changing my name (and not telling the kids), Dolly Parton and whatever else pops into my chardonnay-spiked mind.

Did you hear that the Lone Star State is #1 in alcohol consumption during the pandemic? Ina Garten might be giving us Texans a run for our money though…all that, and more, in today’s Cooped Up Live!

Who are you calling a fool? If it’s me, you’re probably right…and I’ll prove it to you!

I will never, ever roll my eyes again when I hear that someone has been given “House Arrest” as punishment. It’s legit!

We made it through Monday – cheers! Now stay the fuck away from each other.

We made it through the week! Let’s have some fun talking about the highs, lows and keeping spirits up.