I’m talking getting “dressed up,” open floor plans, 93-year old drunks and that time I had a super sweet stalker.

Let’s talk about the holiday weekend, the torture devices called face masks, senior pictures and more.

We’re talking the economics of boxed wine, adorable old photos, creative front porch concerts and whatever else pops into my chardonnay-soaked brain!

My BFF Kerrie Sparks is here with her own brand of quarantine crazy! We talk old ladies, grocery wars, dirty movies, dating and more.

I’m talking BIG HAIR, banking woes, sooo many conversations with friends, hot guys who won’t social distance and Gwyneth Paltrow.

How’d you spend your weekend at home…where you’ve been for weeks already? If you’re like me, you bawled your eyes out watching “Onward” on Disney+ and you repaired a beloved cashmere sweater, darn it!