Another Week Safe At Home (Cooped Up Live)

How’d you spend your weekend at home…where you’ve been for weeks already? If you’re like me, you bawled your eyes out watching “Onward” on Disney+ and you repaired a beloved cashmere sweater, darn it!

How Many More Weeks Did They Say?! (Cooped Up Live)

We made it to the end of the week! Today, I’m talking about the now-extended Shelter In Place rules, why I’m changing my name (and not telling the kids), Dolly Parton and whatever else pops into my chardonnay-spiked mind.

Still An April Fool (Cooped Up Live)

Did you hear that the Lone Star State is #1 in alcohol consumption during the pandemic? Ina Garten might be giving us Texans a run for our money though…all that, and more, in today’s Cooped Up Live!

Who Are You Calling A Fool? (Cooped Up Live)

Who are you calling a fool? If it’s me, you’re probably right…and I’ll prove it to you!

House Arrest Is Legit, Y’all! (Cooped Up Live)

I will never, ever roll my eyes again when I hear that someone has been given “House Arrest” as punishment. It’s legit!

Monday, Done Day (Cooped Up Live)

We made it through Monday – cheers! Now stay the fuck away from each other.