Tips For Being A Good Ally Right Now

White Friends – I’m pulling together a running list of resources for us to help better educate ourselves about racism and to help our neighbors affected by it. It’s kinda messy and all over the place, but hopefully helpful. I’ll keep updating as I get feedback and learn more myself.

When you know better, you do better.

Maya Angelou

Things I Do & Commit To Do:

  • Talk openly about race! (Even if it’s uncomfortable or clumsy)
  • Stop saying you’re “color blind” – be ColorFULL! Celebrate everyone’s backgrounds, heritages, cultures, etc. It’s way more fun.
  • Consciously and intentionally amplify the great works of your black friends and influences. Good work deserves credit!
  • Donate to NAACP & other black-focused groups
  • Hire minorities. (Look for them, even when “the pipeline” doesn’t produce them.)
  • If you see something racist, do something about it.
  • Think about racist moments in your own history and how they’ve potentially impacted your outlook.
  • Stop all “Not to be racist, but…” comments – yours and those of others. Everything before “but” is bullshit.
  • Buy toys for your kids that reflect diversity.
  • Don’t dread jury duty. People of color need allies in the courtroom.
  • VOTE!
  • Learn about systemic racism. Our country was systemically set up with blacks in less advantaged positions.
  • Learn about white privilege. It’s doesn’t mean you’re bad. If that phrase makes you defensive, start with thinking about that.
  • Practice intersectionality. That means be yourself and let other people be themselves without adopting each other’s mannerisms.
  • Don’t make this about you!


More books and resources updated here

Streaming TV or Movies:

“Just Mercy” (starring Michael B. Jordan) – Free through June on most major streaming services ( story)



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