My Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals!

It’s one of my favorite days of the year — Amazon Prime Day! Well, technically, DAYS! The fun started this morning and continues until the stroke of midnight tomorrow.

I’ve pulled together a list of my favorite deals and will keep adding them as I see them! If you see a good deal, DM on Instagram (@ImCoopedUp), Twitter (@cooperkoch) or Facebook (@ImCoopedUp) and I’ll check it out.

One thing to note, once things sell out or the deal expires, it’s done. Hopefully you can take advantage of these deals before they’re gone!

Instant Pot Duo Plus – $60 (57% off!)
It’s wouldn’t be Prime Day without a big sale on the Instant Pot! If I didn’t already own this exact same one, this would already be on its way to my house. I can’t overstate how much I love my Instant Pot. We cook with it a few times a week. Soooo easy!

Toshiba 43″ TV Amazon Fire Edition – $189.99 (42% off!)
I’ve already ordered one of these for my office!

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers (Most options are 20% off!)
They’re definitely not the sexiest thing on this list, but they’re worth every penny. I already own about four of these in various sizes and I plan to buy a bunch more today. Finally, our produce doesn’t spoil within days of getting it home — especially the strawberries and raspberries (Claire’s favorites). I was seriously skeptical when I first tried them, but WOW! they really worked. We’ve easily saved much more on produce than we spent buying these.

Rivet Modern Geometric Ceramic Flower Pot – $38.47 (30% off!)
I’m an admitted plant addict. I always say that the best way to keep a plant alive it so own a lot of plants. But with that comes the challenge of finding pretty pots that don’t cost a fortune.

Kindle Paperwhite – $84.99 (35% off!)
I already have a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s always in my bag so that I can grab it when I have a few minutes. Also, as much as I like reading actual hardcover books, traveling with them is a total pain both from a size and weight perspective.

Aura Digital Photo Frame – $240 (20% off!)
This digital photo frame is pricey, but it’s soooo good. I have one already and anyone who sees it is super impressed with the image quality. It looks more like an actual photo than a mini computer screen. Plus their software is super easy to use.

Samsonite Hardside TWO-PIECE Luggage Set – $129.99 (70% off!)
Done are my days of spending big money on luggage that I’m planning to check with the airline. They always get banged up, knocked around and cracked/torn. This deal is a big win — four-star reviews of a well-regarded brand at a bargain price! Plus, it comes in a cool slate blue instead of just basic black that looks like everyone else’s. There’s a similar set for the same price here. (Thanks, Kit, for the tip!)

Goodthreads “The Perfect Oxford” Long-Sleeved Shirt – $17.50 (30% off!)
I own this shirt in three colors already…and I’m about to own a few more! Nine out of ten days, you’re likely to find me wearing an untucked oxford with the sleeves rolled up, and there’s a strong chance that it’s this shirt. It’s one of my standard go-to pieces. Goodthreads is Amazon’s house brand that I’d put on par with The Gap for quality and classic cuts. You really can’t go wrong, especially not at this price. (More Goodthreads shirt styles here)

Rivet Marble Mini Table Lamp – $32.15 (38% off)
How cute (and luxe-looking) is this mini lamp?! It’ll be perfect for a hall table or a bookshelf. Any given night, if you drive by my house, you’ll see a glow in the windows. Both Todd and I hate a dark house, so we have at least a dozen lamps that haven’t been turned off IN YEARS! (Before anyone starts to lecture, we converted to LED bulbs, so we’re only using like five-cents worth of electricity each night.) See more from Amazon’s Rivet home furnishing brand here.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitening Strips – $27.98 (59% off)
This is a no-brainer if you’re working on a whiter smile. Crest was my go-to brand for years until I switched to trays from my dentist. It’s a great product. You get 22 treatments (44 strips), plus some bonus strips for extra fast whitening.

AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – $31.49 (30% off)
You can’t go wrong with an enameled cast iron pot in your kitchen arsenal. It cooks everything so evenly since the entire pot heats up. I have a similar, larger dutch oven and will likely be buying one of the smaller sizes today. Plus, it comes in three fun colors and white. (Does anyone else giggle every time they hear Dutch Oven? Just me?)

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