Easter Sunday Funday

Easter at our house starts with (many) spicy bloody marys and brunch consisting of bagels, lox (with capers!), hard-boiled eggs, and toast points paired with delicious jams and jellies. Because Easter was so late this year, it was fortunately warm enough to set up our spread on the freshly-cleaned and newly-planted pool deck.

One of my favorite parts about Easter, ever since I was a kid growing up on in South Texas, is the colorful cascarones (“confetting eggs” in gringo). Dozens of cascarone vendors line the main streets of our neighborhood.
I have a thing for wreaths. It started with Christmas and has extended to just about any possible holiday and/or season. Peter Rabbit here is almost 2′ tall!
Back doors open to let in the fresh Spring air. In a few weeks, those honeysuckle vines pouring over the wall will smell like heaven!
Kids and dogs alike love lounging poolside.
Some bunny had too many bloody marys!

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