Like the rest of America, I’m hooked on Tidying Up, the new Netflix series where Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo helps people clean up their messy-ass houses.

And also like the rest of America, I’ve purged half of my shit using Marie’s trademark Konmari system. I took to Facebook Live earlier this week for a tour of my newly-organized closet.

So far, I’ve donated, given away, trashed or recycled:

  • 37 shorts
  • 18 undershirts
  • 24 gym socks (because I’m so fit)
  • 32 boxer briefs
  • 27 pairs of shoes
  • 11 swimsuits
  • 81 t-shirts
  • 34 dress shirts
  • 13 sweaters
  • 13 winter coats (Texas “winter” coats, that is)
  • 1 tuxedo (because even thrift store shoppers need to dress up occasionally, right?!)
  • 1 caftan (yes, you read that right)
  • Plus a lot more…

All told, three GIGANTIC bags and three GINORMOUS boxes of clothes have already left the Koch house.

And as required by the Konmari method, I showed my gratitude to each piece, wished it well and hope it sparks joy for someone else.



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