Let Me Say This About That

Yesterday, I met up with my dear friend Craig at a local Mexican joint here in Dallas for lunch. We were seated at 12:30 and, after what I thought was just an hour or two of fun conversation, I looked at my watch and realized it was 5:10 – and I needed to pick up my perfect, adorable children within 20 minutes…in our neighborhood 30 minutes away.

Ever since we met as Hillary Clinton delegates to the Texas State Democratic Convention (yes, such a thing exists) years ago, so is my life with the Southern Belle who is Miss Craig McCartney.

Like his bouffant and perfectly accessorized pant suits, the conversations seem to be timeless – and side-splitting. I burned all of the calories from my shrimp fajitas belly laughing at his take on current affairs and popular culture.

Fortunately for y’all, Craig has started a YouTube channel. And you’re invited to the listen in.

For those of you not from this part of our great country, “Well Let Me Say This About That” is not only the title of Craig’s YouTube channel, it’s basically a polite way to read people and things to filth under the guise of Southern gentility. (Kinda like how “Bless Your Heart” actually has nothing to do with blessing or good wishes.)

Some posts are cutting. Some, like this take his recent trip to Walmart, contain surprising revelations. But they’re always hilarious.

I’m trying to get Craig to sign on for a column over at He Said Magazine. In the meantime, you’ll just have to subscribe to his YouTube channel to get your fix. Luckily for you, most are just five or so minutes long…unlike yesterday’s lunch.

Subscribe to “Well, Let Me Say This About That” on YouTube.

One of my favorite photos in existence is the one up top here, taken by our friend Eric, from the 2008 Black Tie Dinner afterparty. I wish I could remember what Craig was telling me, but this expression is not uncommon when he’s around. (I blame the multiple empty plastic cups of vodka I’m clasping on the memory lapse.)


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