Tips For Being A Good Ally Right Now

White Friends – I’m pulling together a running list of resources for us to help better educate ourselves about racism and to help our neighbors affected by it.

Pride Finds

I’ve scoured the web to find fabulous Pride gears that runs the gamut from classic rainbows to a dash of Disney to salty innuendoes — everything’s better with salt, but you already knew that about me!

That Time I Broke An Elevator On My Wedding Night (Cooped Up Live)

How many of you can claim to have “broken” an elevator on your wedding night? I’m also reminiscing about my mom’s truly awful haircutting skills, my other mama (Oprah) and how my “cute” office isn’t really anymore.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Spring Scarfs, My Sweetheart Stalker & Old Drunks (Cooped Up Live)

I’m talking getting “dressed up,” open floor plans, 93-year old drunks and that time I had a super sweet stalker.

This Mask Makes Me Look Totally Masc, Right? (Cooped Up Live)

Let’s talk about the holiday weekend, the torture devices called face masks, senior pictures and more.

Good Thursday (Cooped Up Live)

We’re talking the economics of boxed wine, adorable old photos, creative front porch concerts and whatever else pops into my chardonnay-soaked brain!